Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reflections on a Sutra - 1.4

1.4 vŗttisārūpyamitaratra
The ability to understand the object is simply replaced by the mind’s conception of that object or by a total lack of comprehension

Just when I thought I was getting this pattern, I wasn’t…and then I did…and then I had to put it down again…then I came back to it with renewed vigour and I would like to think, greater understanding.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Jivamukti Experience

I was recently fortunate to spend the best part of 4 days with 167 yogis attending a workshop with David Life and Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti yoga. I had read much about this style of Hatha yoga, and had their book, but it really did not compare to experiencing it first hand. Apart from be living examples of 'Spiritual Activism', they have a unique style of teaching. I loved the way music and sound was incorporated in their classes, either in the form of yogic chants to begin and end the practice (complete with harmonium) or throughout. It was unique, uplifting and truly inspiring. I mean, its not often you get a sampling of old school hip hop to accompany Downward Facing Dog!! I met lots of new people, found an old friend I used to take dance classes with (ahem, 20 years ago) and introduced a whole new group of people to the joys of sock knitting (the Shantaram socks are nearly finished).

I was pushed to my limits physically as there were many components of the class I don't normally practise, or not in the same way. It was probably just as well it was as humid on the Saturday as it was since it meant we were all very warm from the start, though a cool change in the afternoon would definitely have been welcomed...

Mmm.. lets just see what gems I can dig out of my music collection and find an excuse to play in class, while more consistently practising śirșāsana (headstand) and contemplating Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics...aaauuummmm