Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tropical Challenge #1

With my recent move north to the tropics I've set myself a couple of little lifestyle-change challenges. Actually this first one was handed to me by my other half and involves ditching my 'Sydney Black' for summer dresses. So far...
Days into challenge: 25
Days wearing summer dresses for most of the day: 18
Number of knitting projects in queue to complement dresses: 7
First of these on the sticks: Tropical Teal Travelling Woman Shawl
Dress of inspiration: Tropical Butterfly Dress
Photos to follow in due course...!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Autumnal Bandit

Well it has been a while since I wrote anything, which doesn't mean that I haven't written any posts in my head, just that they haven't made them to my blog. It's been a rather full on couple of months - One sister was married with me and my other sister as Bridesmaids. My other sister's little boy had more operations on his heart and he's doing really well, to look at him you'd never know what he'd been through. Then my hubby and I decided we'd move from Sydney to Cairns, stepping closer to our dream lifestyles. Needless to say packing up, sorting through and culling furniture, books and clothes has filled our days quite well of late.

Somehow I've managed to finish knitting a couple of shawls, with just a few more projects on the sticks. The Autumnal Bandit was made for my dear friend who lives in the Blue Mountains. Its 4 ply Alpaca/Silk/Merino blend in, well Autumn colours and using the Sprintime Bandit shawl pattern. In naming this one I was also reminded of a friend's band 'Autumnal' that existed in the early 90's in Sydney (I wonder whatever became of them, google couldn't tell me), which kind of fits with the fact that my friends' hubby is a drummer in a band.

I also finished my Bollywood Shawl and am currently working on an Ishbel Shawl for my mother's birthday, which as with most birthday knits, is running late!
The biggest dilemma of course is what yarn to leave out of the packing to see me through until the boxes are received and opened once we are relocated to FNQ!