Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reflections on Sutra 1.8

1.8 viparyayo mithyājñānamatadrūpapratișțham

Misapprehension is that comprehension that is taken to be correct until more favourable conditions reveal the actual nature of the object

Like when you think you know who the actor is in a movie then look it up on google and find it was someone else. Or when you thought you knew what you were doing in your Trikonasana until you caught yourself in the reflection of a mirror or door and saw you version was looking a little saggy. Hang on 'favourable conditions', well that's not open to interpretation is it?? That could be good lighting (eg knitting, yoga, cooking), ambient temperature (eg knitting, yoga, cooking).

BKS Iyengar interprets this Sutra as "Illusory or erroneous knowledge is based on non-fact or the non-real". Further as ..."wrong knowledge is caused by error or misconception, or by mistaking one thing for another". Actually with my vision, I do this quite a bit. #1 favourable condition for me then: clean contact lenses (and snorkel when swimming in the Coral Sea).

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