Thursday, December 23, 2010

Travelling Woman and The Colour (Purple) Turquoise

Aka a study in turquoise.
Its become my 'summer purple' this colour of the sea. Heavily enabled by some glorious colour as amateurely photographed underwater (by me) in the Coral Sea while snorkelling - my own Liquid Light show

Travelling Woman Shawl in Kaalund Enchante 2 ply silk (Left unblocked, right blocking).
I think it's the light in the tropics that's drawn me to a broad spectrum of blues, especially turquoise.

The recently completed Travelling Woman shawl really has been travelling all over with me. To a wedding in Perth and a visit to Sydney and she's booked on the trip to India in February. My next lace shawl project will be 100% wool, rather than silk as I was a little frustrated with it by the end (a little splitty), even though it shines so beautifully and on wearing I vowed to work up the Silver Sword Silken Thread care of Knitabulous sometime soon.

I've always had a thing for purples and deep reds, but not really blues. They 'belonged' to my younger sister. I was always the one dressed in reds. I also developed an aversion to navy and most blues care of my school uniform. I mean you wear similar colours for 13 years and you kind of get over it. Maybe that's why some of the nuns became nuns, or folks joined the Navy - they liked the colour.

It's possible I've hit on turquoise recently as its just the next natural step for me and my personal colour cycle. I started with blue for school, red at play, white and yellow were told to go make friends with someone else. I moved to black for work (and everything else) when I left school. Turned the purple corner and hung out there very comfortably in all its shades for many years. Had a brief affair with bright orange, which fizzled as quickly as it began. Fell out with brown and burgundy in the winter of 1998 when we over did it together. Was drawn to silver and grey more than ever before shortly after, or perhaps as a result of, the millennium partying, plus it was 'critic preventing' black. Default purple and black again.

If you've read a recent post you'll see I've had a bit of a pink thing going on, which is fairly limited to strong, dark pinks and fuscia's, especially when they go near intense oranges. Some green and teal crept in through a Wollmeise loophole and that's when I think the greens morphed into good strong teals, which became the recent turquoise obsession.

In this Turquoise Gallery of Delight: Travelling Woman Shawl, recently started Lace & Cable socks in Koiggu, complete with home made butterfly stitch markers (more on butterflies another time), sewn double pointed needle holder with pretty Japanese fabric button in turquoise and a touch of left over pink Koigu icord, earrings and bracelet made by a local designer (she's at Port Douglas & Cairns markets, I've just lost the tag) and some fabric stash just to add to the tropical challenge dresses that conspired with the Wollmeise earlier in the year.

But wait there's more: the yarn line up photo helps me document the turquoise creep and now I see that it started 2 years ago...with some very humble Peaches & Creme Cotton and without sounding too much like Miss Helena from Romper Room (in which I appeared when I was 5 year old!) there's Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Mist, All Hemp6 in Deep Sea, the Koigu, Kaffe Fassett Regia, Knitabulous Mumbai Skies (really says "take me to India" doesn't it?), left over ball of Kaalund silk, Woolorganics, Caraibes Bouton D'or cotton, Cascade 220 in Caribbean Sea, Madeline Tosh Sock in Oceania and Cotton Fine in Caribbean - definitely a theme here.

I wonder what's next for me in this colour cycle and what will 'suddenly' have taken over my wardrobe in 2 years time?


  1. wow. what a lovely journey through you and colours. Navy blue reminds me of my days as a chemist assistant. Can't really go there despite some attempts at knitting it. Turquoise is not a colour I've done much and you've made it look so beautiful I wonder why.

    So much lovely stuff!

  2. This was a great post, made me smile :D

    I love turquoise too and that scuba pic you took.. WOW !
    I don't think there are any colours left for you to try, you've done them, in great detail...aahah

    happy tuquoising !

    P.S looking forward to your return :)